Our core mission is to create a direct market for people to buy and sell products safely and conveniently.

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About Sanchi

This is not just About Us; this is for you to be a part of Us

Sanchi is an online community that began with a simple objective to help people circulate their ads-Fast and Free through WhatsApp.

Our core mission is to cut out intermediaries from the selling process and help the sellers get money directly into their hands. Started on April 2021 by 4 young men in Kottayam district of Kerala, our community has grown tremendously and at present has over 13000 members and 63 WhatsApp groups. The instant growth of our community shows that people trust us and have got the desired result from us. We offer people a space to sell their products in the most convenient way which is easily accessible to the buyers.

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Who Will Benefit From Us?

Farmers and Consumers

We cater to agricultural producers who don’t even get half of the profit of their harvested produce by cutting out middlemen and connecting them directly to the market. The consumers also now benefit from our service as they are  delivered fresh produce that is free of middlemen charges.

Casual Sellers and Buyers

We cater to people who want to exchange products of their choice in an easy and accessible manner.

Pet vendors

We are Kerala’s First Animal Classified and provide a space to create profiles of their pets.

Recruiters and Job Seekers

We help recruiters to reach out to a maximum number of job seekers and also support job seekers to connect with recruiters.

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